OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 11/24/14 (Public Version)

Meeting date: Mon, November 24, 2014, 7-9 PM at UUC

Attendance: 5 people participated

  1. Reports Back

  • No Shopper’s Guide insert to be in Peace Press.  Worked out a different arrangement with Part 1 as an article in next issue and Part 2 after that.  Collating no longer required but encouraged.  Our $40 will be returned.
    Other reports included with agenda items.)
  • Reported 2 complaints about subscription to GMO web site.  Subscription information needs to be added to the bottom of the outgoing emails.  Three options are available and people can adjust their preferences themselves: 1) all posts as individual emails 2) daily digest with all posts together once a day 3) no email received but can send messages to the group and read all posts on our website and on the listserv website.
  • Participated in the meetings with the SC Board of Supervisors regarding GMOs.
    Added information from the Seralini study to GMO paper.
  • Organic sections in the Costco in RP and SR.
    Looking into pizzeria for our birthday party.  Concerns for quiet and parking.
  • Created a 2-page version of the Shoppers Guide.  Originally intended for the Peace Press insert but will be used as the download from our website and as a handout.
  • Created a flyer for the January teach-in.
  • Translating materials for the website.


  1. Agenda Items

    Quick items first

  1. OSC Birthday Pizza Party
    Monday, December 1 at 7:30
  • ​L​ooking into a quiet location with good pizza and parking.  Preference for Rohnert Park Mary’s Pizza near the Doubletree if they have a party room or are not too noisy.  This location is convenient to the largest number in the group and has ample parking.
  1. January Teach-In
    January 26, 2015 at UU ​on Social Change Movement History​.
  • Discussion about flyer printing to be discussed outside meeting.
  • Flyer is ready.  ​Someone​ has pink paper.  Also discussed yellow. 
  • ​​​They​ will decide on color and arrange printing of flyer in time for next Monday.
  • Have flyer ready for party so that everyone can take flyers to hand them out and post them when they go to events and posting locations.
  • Ready for big publicity push when we come back from break.
  • Discussed need for sound system to amplify ​presenter ​speaking.
  • This is an item for future fundraising.  ​Someone​ has been looking into options.
  • We will need to find a sound system to borrow for the January teach-in.
  1. Shopper’s Guide Featured On Website
  • Shopper’s Guide will be posted on the Home page to coincide with Peace Press publication.
    We ​will have it ready this week to post when the Peace Press comes out.
  • ​We ​will find a vegetable font or use another nice font and post a box on the Home page
  1. MAM Brainstorm
    May event. A GMO themed pizza party has been discussed for the MAM.
  • ​P​roposed a march in Sebastopol from Safeway or the Town Square to Sebastopol Community Market for a rally there and pizza party fundraiser.
  • This idea is a combination of ideas (pizza party), (Sebastopol Community Market), and (March Against Monsanto in Sebastopol).
  • Other ideas are encouraged!
  • ​Someone ​will contact Occupy Sebastopol to discuss this idea with them.
  1. Bilingual GMO Teach-in
    Proposed for September.
  • Someone​ has been in contact with KBBF Vice President.
  • ​Someone ​will contact Program Director of Daily Acts for a bilingual urban gardening/urban farming resource.
  1. Evaluation of GMO OMG teach in
    January 26, 2015 at UU ​on Social Change Movement History​.
  • Well attended (about 70 people).
  • Needed to introduce group and our activities at the beginning before the film.
  • People left as soon as the film ended.  Discussed ways to engage people to stay for discussion.
  • Discussed how to avoid disruption by people who are known to overspeak at events.  Suggested giving them a task to include them rather than working to exclude.
  • Jeremy Seifert (film director) wrote to us to congratulate us on the success of our event and helped promote it on his Facebook page.
  • 20 new people added to our mailing list and 6 new people joined our GMO listserv after the teach-in.
  • Good film with some critiques about length and content but film was a good draw and got good feedback from the people who attended.id
  • ​​​Someone​ has been asked by the UU to pass the hat at our teach-ins to collect donations for offsetting the cost of facility use.  Discussed possible tabling to collect donations there instead.  This item to be discussed at Monthly Meeting.

Next GMO Campaign meeting: Monday, February 23, 2015 at UU

We can win this! Together we can stop GMOs.

Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing county-wide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.

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Lunes, Noviembre 24, 2014
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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 11/24/14 (Public Version)
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