OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 10/27/14 (Public Version)

Meeting date: Mon, October 27, 2014, 7-9 PM at UUC

Attendance: 5 people participated



  1. - Posted GMO info to web site and worked on press release
  2. - Posted GMO-OMG film flyers
  3. - Press release. Spoke with someone about meeting conditions of meeting at the EC.
  4. - Did flyer posting, created a banner ad for WACCO. Obtained screening permission through Food & Water Watch to show GMO-OMG. Reviewed a GMO film in Spanish with English subtitles that may be suitable for our bilingual teach-in.
  5. - Suggests that we inform the EC that we are currently broke and need to delay membership fee until March. (After our next fund raiser.) To be discussed at Monthly Meeting. Promoting event with psas, calendars, mailings, and online announcement lists. Added new listings to Shoppers Guide. Wants to work on questionnaire for potential hero listings. Left flyers at PJC, EC and both Whole Foods. Assisting NAACP with their media campaigns. Will make the $40 payment to the PJC for the shopper's guide insert they are printing and will reimburse logistics for printing expenses. After that our funds are $0 until our next fundraiser.



  • GMO OMG Film Showing Nov. 3 at UU
    • Publicity under control.
    • Large screen provided by UU.
    • Set-up starts at 6:15.
    • 50 chairs tightly set up with an additional 50 chairs available as needed
      Special  tasks:
    • 2 MCs
    • Someone is leading discussion and answering questions after film.
    • Someone will add final words, inviting people to join OSC and give info about OSC.
    • Someone is tabling.
  • Shopper's Guide
    • Insert to be coordinated.
    • Deadline for PJC press deadline to be double checked.
    • Will find out when OSC volunteers need to be at PJC for Peace Press assembly.
    • Questionnaire to be ready by end of November meeting.
  • Bilingual Teach-In Planning
    • Need bi-lingual MC.
    • Recommended having an urban gardening/farming theme encouraging people to grow their own.
    • Discussed getting a co-sponsor like KBBF and/or North Bay Organizing Project.
    • Will ask about urban garden projects.
    • Okay to sell plants at this teach-in but not push for donations.
    • Possible dates (Spring to early summer):
      • Feb 23 @ UUC,SR
      • Apr 20 @ EC
      • Apr 6 @ PJC
  • Fundraising
    • Monday, March 30th “Getting Past Capitalism” would be a strong topic to kick off fund raising.

Meeting adjouned 8:59 PM.


Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing county-wide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.

Meeting date: 
Lunes, Octubre 27, 2014
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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 10/27/14 (Public Version)
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