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Held on the 1st Monday of each month

07/23/18 The Ideas Lab: Political Ideologies Panel

 Political Ideologies Panel; July 23 at 7 pm; Peace and Justice Center, Santa Rosa

Occupy Sonoma County will present a panel of social philosophers discussing their beliefs ranging from liberal democracy to various forms of socialism and anarchy, gift economy, and Marx.

The panel will be moderated by Sonoma State University Sociology Professor Peter Phillips, founder of the Media Freedom Foundation and former director of Project Censored.

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05/07/18 Taking Action! Teach-in

Occupy Sonoma County presents a Teach-in: Taking Action; May 7 at 7 pm; Peace and Justice Center, Santa Rosa

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03/26/18 Urban Farming & Backyard Sustainability

KBBF presents an Occupy Sonoma County Teach-in: Urban Farming & Backyard Sustainability

Mon, March 26 at 7PM

Eating healthy food is expensive in the short run, and eating unhealthy food is expensive in the long run--what to do? Learn how to grow organic foods in limited spaces year-round in healthy, petrochemical-free soils. Free seed exchange - bring your extra seeds to share.

Free / donations requested

Carpenters' Union Hall,  1706 Corby Ave, Santa Rosa 95407
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01/30/17 - Understanding the Conflict in Palestine/Israel

Occupy Sonoma County presents: Understanding the Conflict in Palestine/Israel

Monday, January 30, 7-9 PM at the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County

A Teach-in with North Coast Coalition For Palestine A personal narrative of loss of human rights in  Palestine/Israel and what the U.S. media won't tell you about the ongoing conflict and U.S. complicity. Learn about the implications of Islamophoia in this struggle.

Donation Requested

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